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Kelsy Schumacher: Crafting Dreams into Visual Symphony.


Kelsy Schumacher: Crafting Dreams into Visual Symphony.


    My name is Kelsy Schumacher and my fibre art macrame wallhangings are designed and created in the city of Abbotsford.

    I was drawn to working with fibres in my early thirties after painting for many years. With each carefully designed piece comes a rewarding art practice that is soft to the touch and therapeutic for my anxious mind.

    Each handcrafted wallhanging is fueled by passion for this art practice. Organic cotton cord running through my hands, getting measured and knotted just so, showcases my attention to detail. My wallhangings range in size and colour, each with lush texture and a sense of depth.

    My pieces have been in several juried group exhibitions this year, both in Vancouver, BC and online. I was a finalist for the Blu Sky Artist Award in July and an honourable mention in the 'Seasons' Exhibition through Ten Moir Gallery. I am nominated to attend the Arty Awards in Abbotsford this Fall. I was recently published in the ‘Artistcloseup Contemporary Art Magazine’ and look forward to being published at the end of 2023 in the ‘Studio Visit Vol. 2’ curated by the renowned Ekaterina Popova.

    What sets my macrame artform apart from the rest is the way each piece is coloured into a story that reflects moments of delight, resilience and introspection, which invites collectors to consider their own journey/meaning within the art.

    My art takes a trip through mental health, being true to oneself, coming alive and spiritual growth. The colours I use are often symbolic of a feeling or part of a story at large. Each piece is Titled and part of a working collection.

    Inspiration: My art practice is inspired by my life experiences and surroundings, as well as from the variety of places I’ve lived or travelled. My eyes are drawn to the smallest details of a flower on a rainy walk, to the overwhelming power of the mountains that surround. I enjoy incorporating earth tones juxtaposed with abstract colour combinations into my pieces. This reflects my thoughts and emotions and helps me journey through my mental health struggles and grounds me. I believe this is what adds that human element that collectors can relate to.

    Theme: Coming Alive, Mental Health, Spiritual Growth


    Collections & Publications
    Kelsy has released several Collections on her website, the most notable collections being:
    • Alive in Love (2023)
    • Dreamland (2022)
    • Spring Statements (2022)
    • Bohemian Warrior (2021)
    • In Her Element (2020)

    Kelsy is published in the September Issue of “Artist Close Up Contemporary Art Magazine.”
    Kelsy is published in the "Studio Visit Book Vol. 2" with Arts to Hearts Project

    Kelsy has conducted several workshops both for beginners and more advanced students. The workshops allow fellow artists to learn the art of macrame and to take home a piece of their own creation under the encouraging tutelage of Kelsy.

    Group Exhibitions

    Group Exhibition, The Great Escape, Gallery George, 2023
    • Showcased Six Contemporary Fibre Art Pieces in Vancouver, BC Art Gallery

    Group Exhibition, Pacific Arts Gallery, 2023
    • Eight Week Exhibition showcasing One Large Contemporary Fibre Art Masterpiece in Vancouver, BC Art Gallery

    Group Exhibition, Women in Art, Kariton Gallery, 2023
    • Local Exhibit showcasing Women in Art in Abbotsford, BC Art Gallery

    Group Exhibition, Like a Mother, BHA Gallery, 2022
    • Online, Curated Art Exhibit showcasing Women in Art

    • Finalist in the Blu Sky Artist Awards – Ten Moir Gallery, July 2023

    • Honourable Mention for 'Seasons' Exhibition - Ten Moir Gallery, September 2023

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