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    Daughter of immigrant parents, raised in the UK, later moving to the USA. Art was Lidia's escape from some of her family struggles as they emerged from the challenges that her post WWII refugee parents faced as they tried to create a life, a future for their children. 

    She started drawing at the age of 7, making toys and perfume from rose petals. At that young age she understood the value of her work and whenever possible, sold what she made.  This mindset followed her into her adulthood, enabling her to be an entrepreneur.

    Totally self taught, turning her hand and paintbrush to many different forms of art, flitting in and out of this creativity as time and opportunity allowed.  When she arrived in the USA, almost 30 years ago, she bought her first husky. A stunning and devoted Alaskan Malamute called Sasquatch. At this time she also began painting again.  She painted murals, tall murals, on buildings, on large pieces of wood.  She painted welcome signs, furniture... you name it, she painted it !  It was during this time she had a spiritual awakening which came through a physical challenge.  This experience totally changed what and how she painted.

    Time spent working with spirit as a Reiki Master and mystic along with hours spent with her huskies in nature, her passions started to merge into one.  One purpose.  That purpose is to reach those who need to see, feel and receive the energy and blessing from each piece.

    For the longest time, I painted purely for myself. I labelled myself 'The Closet Artist. '  Self taught, starting my artistic journey around the age of 7, I used pencils, crayons, charcoal, watercolor and now acrylics with texture and mixed media techniques. Then one day, I flew out of the closet and started showing my art to the world.

    My many years as a Mystic and as a Musher, influences my art. The joining together of cosmic and life energy , spirit guides and the magic of life with huskies all come into play on the canvas.  Conveying emotions and messages of wellness through images became my mission.

    With a strong connection to huskies who deliver daily doses of soulful energy, I set about to capture this through texture and color so it could be shared visually with the onlooker.  Creating storylines through images and connection with female energy.  Imaginative, spontaneous and reflective work.  Reflecting a world with animals and strong female energy to support intuition and a feel good vibe. Texture helps me to create an atmosphere and an emotion, connecting the painting with the seeker!

    My wish is to fill the viewer with inspiration, healing, high vibration and deep connection to the image, colors, texture and message. That the image touches their soul. Art has given me courage.  I get braver every day through embracing mistakes on the canvas, then allowing them to show me that they are not really mistakes, but lessons in disguise.

    Through art, I have learned to trust my inner voice

    2024 Women United Art Movement, Selected Artist

    2023 Selected Artist for Spring Showcase on Artsy Shark

    2023 International Art Exhibition, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan, Italy

    2023 Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

    2023 Featured Artist, Artsy Shark

    2023 Virtual Contemporary Art Show, Artio Gallery, Toronto, Canada

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