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    Maria Rosati is a printmaker with a focus in silkscreen and intaglio. Originally from Southern Ontario, she completed her BFA at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2023 and is beginning her MFA in Printmaking at the University of Alberta. She recently completed a residency with Eyelevel ARC, as well as an exhibition of her series ‘Weigh In’ at the Anna Leonowens Gallery. Rosati’s work draws inspiration from a number of personal experiences, including growing up in a border city, in an Italian-Canadian family, and being a plus-sized woman. Working in print for its inherent quality of trace, chance, and impression, Rosati creates project-based, process-driven pieces that continuously build off her experiences. Her work includes traditional prints, large-scale sequential series, and state changes, with the process of printing often functioning as performance. Her recent work explores ideas of shame and grief involving family, the body, and girlhood, as well as the effects of fatphobia which she's been exposed to her whole life.

    Maria Rosati is an artist and printmaker working across print disciplines with a focus in silkscreen and intaglio. In looking at the things that have influenced our perception of self and how we are shaped into the people we become, Rosati explores ideas of trace and lineage inherent within print as a medium through experiences that balance between big and small, individual but not unique. She works with found imagery from pop culture, advertising, and her family’s archive, as well as text and drawing rooted in personal narrative. The use of digital and photo manipulation processes like CMYK printing are essential in her work, with the act of translation from image to print becoming a cycle of dissection and reconstruction. In her recent work, Rosati asks the question ‘Who can I blame?’ for the feelings of shame and hatred held towards her fat body. Fatphobia is treated as an acceptable form of intolerance in society because fatness is viewed as something that has happened to a skinny body and as the result of poor choices and poor decisions. Using layering as evidence of labor and history, and as a method of accumulation and weight, Rosati challenges the prominent discourse surrounding fat bodies through her prints by calling them out and asking ‘why?’ Her recent work continues to speak about fatphobia as well as her relationship to girlhood and the intersection of femininity and fatness.

    2024-2026, Masters of Fine Arts, Printmaking, University of Alberta

    2019-2023, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Fine Arts Minor in Art History NSCAD University

    2024, 2 Fat 2 Furious portfolio exchange  (group exhibition)  displayed at the SGCI 2024 conference, curated by Jacq Garcia

    2024, The Divorce, Part Crowd Art Gallery (online non-juried exhibition)

    2023, The Barnyard (group exhibition) Anna Leonowens Gallery, curated by Emily Flinn and Maya Keleris

    2023, Mycellia (group exhibition) Anna Leonowens Gallery

    2023, 3rd Annual Greatest Student Exhibition, In The Art Gallery (Online Juried Exhibition)

    2023, Weigh In (solo exhibition) Anna Leonowens Gallery

    2023, Long list for Women United 2023 Art Prize, Photography and Printmaking

    2023, Arthur Lismer Award for Academic Excellence

    2023, Directors Award, 3rd Annual Greatest Student Exhibition, In The Art Gallery (Juried Online Exhibition)

    2023, Live print demonstration for Eyelevel’s Reshelving Initiative: You’ve Got Mail opening reception

    2023, Eyelevel’s ‘Heat Waves’ Residency Program

    2023, Muralist, Project Coordinator, Counter Mapping Mi’kma’ki, NSCAD Student Art Award Gala

    2023, Artist talk for Weigh In exhibition, Anna Leonowens Gallery

    2022-2023, V.P Internal on NSCAD Print Club

    2023, Weigh In, OCADU Live Network, “Body Neutrality, Maria Rosati's Weigh In" Petal Projections Episode 2

    2023, Weigh In, OCADU Live Network, “Weigh In: Maria Rosati”

    2023, Weigh In, Petal Projections Issue #6 Summer 2023

    2023, Bikini Body, Petal Projections Issue #5 Spring 2023

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