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Paint Pusher by Day and Night


Paint Pusher by Day and Night


    Rachel Romano is a New Surrealism Figurative Painter. Her connection to art began at age 7 with sojourns with her father, a poet, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which planted the seeds of storytelling. 

    In 2014, after many years of diverse careers in advertising, architecture, and landscape design, Rachel attended a workshop to discover her inner voice as an artist. At this time she realized she was a storyteller for adults.

    Rachel is represented by Stanek Gallery, Philadelphia Pennsylvania; Beddington Fine Art, Bargemon France; and Gallerie Lorien, Fredericksburg Denmark. Rachel’s work has been exhibited at Canyon Road Gallery, Santa Fe NM;  Russell Sage College, Albany NY; Pictor Gallery, Chelsea NY; Art Santa Fe; Delaware College of Art and Design, Wilmington DE; Awaken Galley NC; Goggleworks Cohen Gallery East, Reading PA. Demuth Museum Lancaster PA; Festival d'Art Contemporain Bargemon France. 

    Romano is featured in publication, blogs and interviews, including Painters Tubes (Uk/Sweden); In-The-Net-EU (Italian/English); The Jealous Curator; Beautiful Bizarre Artist Guide; Margaret Winslow, Head Curator Delaware Art Museum (radio interview).

    She has been awarded numerous residencies in Europe, and is collected internationally.  Rachel works out of an old industrial building in Coatesville, PA.

    I find inspiration in personal myth and the stories of others. The laughter, love, and sorrow of our lives fills my creative well. It is this connection to one's heart that helps me bring out the richness of story in my work. It is important for me to explore my deeper self, to discover how we find strength through change, and adversity.

    My paintings and drawings are expressed in a more traditional style, but their meanings are relevant to our contemporary world. The vibrant color is used as a contrast to offset the reality of what lies within each painting. I think the intense color comes from my subconscious, so that I may bring joy and light to difficult experiences and feelings. Essentially to soften the blow with beauty.

    Working in oils is perfect for me and “my thinking as I am doing process”; allowing me to wipe out, or radically change an image. It is important to be fearless. I work on several paintings at a time to give them breathing room, and not to become too precious, creating fluidity in the process.

    It is my hope that when people view my paintings, they are taken "somewhere else" within their own story.

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