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Victoria J Fry: Igniting Passion, Empowering Visionaries, Transforming Tomorrow.


Victoria J Fry: Igniting Passion, Empowering Visionaries, Transforming Tomorrow.


    Victoria J. Fry is a New York City-based painter, educator, curator, and the founder of Visionary Art Collective and New Visionary Magazine. Born in England, Fry lived in Singapore as a child before moving to the United States. The formative years spent in the English countryside continue to impact the paintings she creates today, as they’re rooted in landscape, memory, perception, and experience. Fry’s work has been featured in numerous publications, including Create! Magazine, Vanity Fair UK, Art Reveal Magazine, and Pif Magazine amongst others.

    Since launching Visionary Art Collective in 2020, Fry has worked with over 200+ artists to help them advance their art careers. As part of her mission to increase visibility for artists, she partners up with top curators and gallerists to facilitate group exhibitions, publishes a contemporary art magazine, and hosts a podcast centered on art and entrepreneurship.

    Additionally, Fry has been a guest speaker for the Women’s Caucus of Art in Washington D.C., Photo Trouvée Magazine, The Art Queens Society, and Huron River Art Collective. She has curated exhibitions for Create! Magazine, Arts to Hearts Project, The Artful Collective, and recently served as a juror for the Women’s United Art Prize.

    Fry obtained her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2012 and her MAT from Maine College of Art in 2014. Upon graduating, she moved to California for five years to continue her career as a painter and educator. After living in the Bay Area of San Francisco and Los Angeles, she is now thrilled to be living back in New York City


    In my work, I explore the relationship between place and memory through contemporary landscape painting. I paint what I see in the moments between waking and dreaming, a semi-conscious state where imagination and reality become blurred. Drawing upon early childhood memories of the English countryside; I find solace in fog-laden fields, patchwork hills, and trees that reflect the changing seasons. Years after leaving rural England, this familiar place now feels elusive and intangible, as though I’m viewing it through the lens of a dream. In many ways, my work is an attempt to preserve, and perhaps even romanticize, these moments lost in time.

    As I create, I often wonder— is it possible to reconstruct memories of a place I once knew? And if so, can I truly know what is real and what no longer exists if the memory is still present? These essential questions continue to guide my work.

    Titles of paintings, including “Finding Our Way Home” and “Do You Still Remember?” refer to my personal narrative that unfolds throughout this series. I view this work as an opportunity to further understand the complex relationship between perception, color, emotion, and experience.




    landscape as it relates to place and memory

      1. 2021. Translucent Souls I Art Mums United I Online Art Gallery

      1. 2021. Catharsis I Play + Inspire Gallery I Online Art Gallery

      1. 2020. Landscape I Art Show International I Online Art Competition

      1. 2020. Forest & Meadows I Grey Cube Gallery I Online Juried Exhibit

      1. 2020. Annual Juried Show I State of the Art Gallery I Ithaca, NY

      1. 2020. 31 Under 30 I Michael Rose Fine Art Gallery I Newport, RI

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