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Hand Cut Collage


Hand Cut Collage


    I have always been interested in art. I grew up in New York and if I was to cut school it was so I could spend the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I knew the galleries there as well as anyone. I learned about paper and collage early from a couple of artists who took me under their wing but didn't take it up seriously then. I've always felt a need to be creative and was always up to something. The fascination with paper - Japanese, Italian, Brazilian, French marbles, Thai, Indian - never left me and, as time allowed, rekindled my interest in working in collage. And then discovering the translucent Japanese sanwa paper and unlimited glazes took it a step further. Working on the collages brings me a satisfaction that nothing else does.

    I always have works in progress and am always aware of the materials I have in stock, often times for years, for when the next inspiration strikes, that unique match of subject and material. Art books inspire me, the masters old and new. "Coffee table" books are often to be found in my lap. And old Audubon books from which I can cut an illustration or lift a gel are in my house too.

    Inspiration can come from anywhere, anything that might catch my eye. Some of my works are full but not congested. The closer you look the more you see.  Others might be constructed of only several pieces, but they can convey a feeling.

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