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Look away if you prefer beige. Here Bec Andrews celebrates colour, nature & the female spirit.


Look away if you prefer beige. Here Bec Andrews celebrates colour, nature & the female spirit.


    Exuding an abundant colourful energy and innately creative, Bec Andrews exemplifies what it is to live an inspired creative life. With an insatiable hunger to make art, even as a child growing up in a drought-stricken farming region, Bec was constantly drawing, often using up the family’s paper supplies, only to then be super cheeky and get into mischief expanding her visions onto the floor and walls.

    Fast forward to her 40s, thanks to the immense power of art, Bec has overcome much emotional trauma, and is now a prolific artist. Lovingly painting intricate artworks, plus larger than life murals that transform even relatively mundane spaces into ones that inspire emotion, feel like a warm hug and make your heart skip for joy.

    Bec excelled academically, however, as a fiercely independent woman with a strong creative vision, she followed her instincts and pursued a highly successful career within Graphic Design. As a mother of two sons and a four legged fur baby, Bec has loved providing for her family by running her in demand design studio for almost two decades.

    Without having received traditional fine art training, Bec’s burning desire and passion has been to embrace the freedom of creating unique artworks that ooze character and a distinct style. Subsequently, a liberating and boldly colourful energy flows organically through Bec’s veins from her abundant heart space and results in captivating artworks that inspire humanity and makes the world in which we live in, a more interesting, expansive and empowered experience.

    Bec Andrews creates uniquely inspiring art. Oozing colour and playful texture with intricate layered details to convey a rich substance, emerging boldly beyond the superficial. Bec’s artwork conjures emotions and exudes an infectious energy. Whether cheekily whimsical, or soulfully heartfelt, she exemplifies the beauty of pure expression and inspires women to celebrate their authentic uniqueness with confidence.

    Bec thrives on colour and tonal depth – from the mysterious dark shadows through to light radiating spaces. Her works embody true character and distinct style, often wildly interwoven with nature.

    Renovating has seen Bec emerge as a talented muralist. Her home transforming into a live-in art installation. Each room evokes joyful, heart skipping moments or nurturing warm hugs, as walls, ceilings and furniture have befallen the 'itsabec' touch. Ordinary spaces becoming part of an inspiring sanctuary.

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