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Celebrating femininity through colours


Celebrating femininity through colours


    I am an Italian artist, born amidst the romantic allure of Rome and now rooted in the vibrant landscape of London, where I graduated from Central Saint Martins. My artistic style and drawing technique organically emerged within the existence of these two environments, which I continuously experience alternately.

    In my artistic process, I am influenced by the sheer beauty of nature and life, contexts in which the main female figure takes shape as a multi-layered expression of bold colours. I capture elements of life happenings around me or in tales that I read, storytelling these on the iPad that I always bring with me, starting a visual narration on what I like to imagine as an endless piece of paper.

    I hope to inspire other women to appreciate the multifaceted luckiness and beauty of femininity, ultimately evoking the vibrancy yet softness of our existence.

    Drawing helped me bring my womanhood to life, and acted as a kind of therapy, at a time when I wasn't able to express my femininity as I would've like to. Drawing these women helped me re-discover certain traits that I was repressing, and reminded me that being a woman should be celebrated, not hidden. The stories I depict in my art are narrated through the lens of those women who, having reached the zenit of femininity express all of the beautiful traits that in the past I had set aside.

    Featured in Arts to Hearts Project - Issue n.6

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