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I paint with beeswax and fire


I paint with beeswax and fire


    France Benoit is an encaustic mix media painter/sculptor who lives in Mirabel, Quebec,
    She’s distinguished by her paintings that takes the form of long little houses with pointy
    roofs inspired from Europe with vibrant colors and recycled parts incorporated in them.
    Her new collection “The imperfect wheel of life” is also gaining momentum. This serie is
    inspired by letting go of imperfections and by stones. Stones are old and carry a lot of
    energy and history. Stones and rocks are going back and forth from the magma to the
    mantle in a long recycling journeys. That is what starts the painting.
    She has been an artist for 20 years working with gourds for more than 10 years and
    then, discovering encaustic in 2017. It was love at first sight and she never looked back.
    Mostly learning by herself she took a lot of workshops from renown encaustic artists like Alicia Tormey, Shary Bartlett, Leah McDonald and with numerous other artists.

    Since my first journey into the world of encaustic, in 2017, I discovered many wonders. I followed the steps of all the contemporary or previous artists that created stupefying and picturesque art using it.
    My creation process aligns with my values, being the respect for our environment, either urban or natural, and humanism, with all the social problems that come with it.
    Dystopian worlds that are screaming solitude and long for human interconnectedness
    emerge from these very problems, and I aspire to reconnect with our surroundings and
    our humanity with my art, providing some sort of glimmering hope. It's what guides me
    to choose the content I bestow upon my paintings, the content that agrees most of my
    vision and values.
    I primarily use available recycled objects looking for sustainability in my work. I
    give a second life to objects that will otherwise overflow landfills. This infinite resource
    pool will often dictate my way through my stylized and abstract work.
    I love working with living objects, and through bees-wax and tree resin formed within
    encaustic, the conservation of the color's purity is unparalleled. Thus, it is completely
    natural and respectful for the environment.
    My trials and errors and hours spent in my workshop are a constant inspiration, and with time, forges my path. Encaustic is my response to the Hellenistic culture, a culture that still has an influence on our world today.

    I mostly work in series, my current project being called The Imperfect Wheels of Life. The word “imperfect” often has a negative connotation. It sounds like a flaw, something that needs to be corrected, concealed or avoided at all costs. But imperfections are a necessary and very important component of our existence. In fact, our imperfections were perfectly designed to help us learn and understand our journey.

    It is only our perception that determines what is perfect or not. Yet most of us strive to come as close as possible to our idea of perfection.

    How do we free ourselves from a perfectionist mentality and begin to accept an imperfect life in an imperfect society?

    This series is a work on “letting go” of the imperfections that I perceive. I start with a stone, the energy of it inprint itself in the painting. I essentially try to recycle the materials in my workshop or buy secondhand materials. Every painting in the series will depict a different emotion or feeling. In the final product, you can see a certain beauty that stands out despite the “flaws.”


    IEA Board award of excellence in 2023
    San Antonio Art League and MuseumSan Antonio, Texas, États-Unis d'Amérique

    International Encaustic Artists  Emerging Artist Grant in 2023
    IEA International encaustic artists

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