Kritteka Gregory

Nature Reimagined Through Mixed Media


Nature Reimagined Through Mixed Media


    As a mixed media artist based in Vancouver, BC, my practice is rooted in the exploration of materials and the narratives they can create. My artwork is a journey through textures, colors, and forms that challenge traditional perceptions and invite viewers to see beyond the surface.

    Each piece I create is a dialogue between the old and the new, blending classic techniques with modern innovations to reflect the complex world we live in.  This curiosity fuels my creative process, leading to unexpected combinations and thought-provoking results.

    My background as a producer and entrepreneur influences my artistic approach, infusing each project with strategic thinking and a vision for the impact it might have. Art for me is not just about creating something beautiful; it’s about making something that resonates, that speaks to the experiences and emotions of others, and that stirs a sense of wonder and engagement.

    Through my art, I aim to build bridges—between different media, between ideas, and between people. I strive to create works that not only showcase the versatility of materials but also celebrate the diversity of human experience.

    Based in Vancouver, BC, I am a mixed media artist who navigates the intersections of traditional techniques and modern. My work is a vibrant dialogue between materials, each piece a creative exploration. Driven by curiosity, my art provoke thought and evoke emotion.

    I approach each artwork strategically, envisioning its impact and crafting narratives that resonate deeply with viewers. My goal is to create pieces that not only engage the senses but also stimulate connections among ideas and people.

    My artwork is deeply inspired by the natural world and the myriad forms of life it sustains. From the lush greenery of Vancouver’s landscapes to the diverse species of animals and the spectrum of human experiences, my pieces explore the interconnectedness of nature and life.

    Each work serves as a reflection on the beauty and complexity of the environment, highlighting the delicate balances and vibrant interactions.

    Through my art, I aim to capture the essence of these relationships, drawing viewers into a deeper appreciation of the world around them. My mixed media approach allows for a rich exploration of textures and colors, I observe in nature and society. These elements coalesce in my creations, offering a unique perspective that celebrates and questions our place within the natural world.

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