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Fill your life with Sunshine!


Fill your life with Sunshine!


    My family lineage is one of  creatives and engineers. I was the kid to dump out and use all 64 crayons. As a young adult, I was captured by Buddhist thought, symbology, the play of photons, and the importance of seeking. The last six years have been focused on making art, after decades away. I was inspired, while living in Europe, to dedicate more time to painting and Zen. I presently live in Portland Oregon, working out of Paisley Studios, a feminist run coworking art studio. This last year especially, the work is flowing and my confidence has strengthened. 

    My subjects are what inspires or pauses motion. My intent is to travel inward to the undiscovered lands and bring the viewer along, for a moment.

    Tending toward vibrancy, shape and story, and seeking balance amidst the chaos of the mind. As I practice Zen, facing grief, pain, inadequacy to find there is light all around us. My work centers around knowing the unknowable and smiling at the shadows.

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