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making a beautiful mess


making a beautiful mess


    Lissa has over 20 years of experience painting.  Her work questions beauty, “what makes an object beautiful, and what is the allure?”. Her journey for an answer has evolved with depth and playfulness.

    As a young woman growing up in Omaha, NE, Lissa painted as a way to deal with crippling anxiety.  Today, she creates out of her Duluth, MN studio.  She finds solace in emotional mark making, bold colors, and organic forms.  The multiple layers of acrylic paint upon her canvas represent an imperfection that fascinates.  Lissa often chooses florals as a subject as they are universally "beautiful".  Her work looks to counter that prettiness, finding ways to add character and a relatableness.  She often thinks of her work as a “beautiful mess”.

    Lissa’s artwork has been shown in multiple galleries throughout the Midwest, as well as collected by several corporations.  When not painting, Lissa is trying to keep up with her two young daughters and supportive husband.

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